Happy Christmas!

Happy Christmas everyone!

I hope you’re not flooded or without power due to the storms in the UK. Our area has been quite badly affected, but we’ve got off rather lightly.

My Christmas gift to you is another chance to watch the snoring dormouse, as while it’s not very Christmassy, it does bring me joy!


4 thoughts on “Happy Christmas!”

    1. When they’re hibernating they keep their body temperature at around the same temperature as outside, unless it’s below freezing in which case they make sure they stay at at least 1 degree C, to stop frostbite. I suspect so far this winter flooding is a bigger problem for them than the cold…

    1. I think so too! I love finding torpid ones when I’m out surveying – they are so cute, and a lot easier to deal with than lively, bouncy ones!

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