Wildflower seedlings

#WildGarden2016: Persevering with wildflowers

One of my WildGarden aims for this year was to increase the numbers of wildflower species in the garden. I set up a new planter in a shady spot, and planned out a selection of wildflowers that will attract insects over a large portion of the year. I got snowdrops in the green, and primroses as plug plants, as well as seeds for other species.

I’ve not had great success with the seeds – they took ages to germinate, and, once they had, the slugs eat them all while they were hardening off in the greenhouse. My second batch (including foxgloves, white clover and wood forget-me-not) are now in the greenhouse, and I am trying a couple of approaches to keeping the slugs away:

  1. Standing the pots in a tray of wool pellets, which are meant to put slugs off
  2. Or standing them in a tray of gravel.
  3. Sticking a plastic bag over a few of the pots until the seedlings get too big
Wildflower seedlings
Wildflower seedlings

We’ll see if any of these approaches works.

Update: last night I caught a snail in one of the pots in the tray of gravel…


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