A newly installed dormouse box (Chateau Dormouse, as the child who helped make it called it)

Dormouse box check: June 16

This month’s dormouse box check started early with just Dr C and me. The birds nests were all empty, with the chicks having hatched and fledged between checks. The bees were still occupying a couple of dormouse nests, so we gave them a wide berth. And no dormice to be seen. There wasn’t even any sign of new nesting activities.

So a quiet check. Even the woods seemed relatively subdued after the cacophony of wildflowers on display last month. It was the first check this year without finding any dormice. But a pleasant way to spend a few hours, and good to get a chance to check boxes myself, rather than just map read and supervise. Hopefully next month we will find some dormice, and maybe even some youngsters.


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