3 thoughts on “A day in the life of nesting bluetits”

  1. Ours have finally started nesting this past week too. A little bit later than usual as are a few things bird-wise. Probably a safer bet, given the lack of warmth in the weather forecasts and brief lying snow over some parts of the UK.

    Take care now.


    1. Interesting… the dormice seem to be ahead of schedule in my area!
      Our robins seem to have chicks already, as both adults have been very busy gathering food since late last week. Is that about normal?

      1. Robins and potentially Blackbird’s first broods are somewhere near but the first few migrants were slightly delayed. This might result in a headstart for the resident bird population as competition for nest-sites is always fierce. The migrants are tending to return earlier and earlier each year but perhaps the balance will shift this season. It is still a risky strategy given the UK climate uncertainty but will be a fascinating watch. Trees and shrubs and a several flowers were ahead of schedule according to what I’ve read. How this might impact the pollinators will be another fascinating watch. All the best, Tony.

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