Close-up of my barn owl cross stitch

Finally finished!

After half a year of sewing, I’ve finally finished my barn owl cross stitch. It’s by far the biggest cross stitch project I’ve ever completed, so I’m quite pleased with myself. It’s also the first time I’ve turned one of my photos into a cross stitch.

Completed barn owl cross stitch
Completed barn owl cross stitch

At first it felt like I was making very slow progress. I started with the background, so for ages there was just an absence of barn owl.

Work in progress: my barn owl cross stitch
Can you tell what it is yet?

But, towards the end, things felt like they really sped up, and it got quite addictive.

In total, I used about 124 metres of embroidery thread, and sewed 9,600 cross stitches (if you ignore all the ones I had to redo because of mistakes!)

It’s a bit greener than I was expecting.  But I think you can tell what it it is.

Barn owl

My first thought on finishing this project was what the next one could be. I’ve got even more ambitious plans for that, and my new embroidery thread arrived this morning, so I can get cracking.

Eagle owl


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