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Victory in the Surrey Wildlife Garden Awards!

I have an award-winning garden! I never thought I’d end up saying that, and anyone who could see it now would be equally surprised. But it’s true – the garden been awarded a Gold Award in the inaugral Surrey Wildlife Garden Awards. Not only that: it came top in the small private garden category. I officially have the best small private wildlife garden in Surrey!

Suffice to say, the award is not for the decorative appeal of the borders, or the precision neatness of the lawn. Nor is it for the volume of fruit and veg I get from the garden (which is just as well, as the wildlife seems to munch most of that before I can get hold of it). To look at, my garden’s nothing special; small and scruffy. But it does have quite a lot of wildlife-friendly features, which in turn means there’s also quite a lot of wildlife.

Today I got an early Christmas present, as Dawn Fielding from Surrey Wildlife Trust dropped round my prize – a signed book on a Surrey garden’s natural history, a wildlife gardening information pack, some notecards and a calendar. I’m looking forward to reading/using it all – the wildlife gardening information pack looks like it’s got some good new ideas to try out, and the book looks inspiring.

My prize for winning the Surrey Wildlife Garden award for best small private garden
My prize for winning the Surrey Wildlife Garden award for best small private garden

Of course, to me the most exciting prize from having a wildlife-friendly garden is seeing the wildlife enjoy it. It was so satisfying when we found the first frog in our pond, just weeks after we created it. And one of my most memorable wildlife experiences of this year was when we were sitting out in the garden, and a hedgehog walked right past our toes, unaware or unconcerned by our presence. Having hoglets born in the hedgehog house we made was fantastic – thinking that our efforts could help these creatures really gives me a buzz.

Hoglet C (Ericnaceous)
Hoglet C (Ericnaceous)

I think the purpose of the awards was to encourage people to think about how they can make their gardens more wildlife-friendly. Hopefully our garden shows that you don’t need a big garden to make a difference, and you certainly don’t need green fingers, or to put in lots of time each week.

It also spurs me on to think about next year – what can we do to make the garden even more wildlife friendly? Well, I have a few ideas, and my prize will help me identify a few more. I feel a new challenge coming on… I’m secretly very competitive, so intend to give holding onto my crown my best shot. Why not take me on, if you live in Surrey? The awards process will open in April next year, so there’s plenty of time for a few wildlife-friendly gardening projects before then… The Wild About Gardens website has lots of ideas.


8 thoughts on “Victory in the Surrey Wildlife Garden Awards!”

  1. Crikey Annabelle that’s an achievement, and to all those who help maintain your garden’s award-winning wildness, well done. Truly though, I imagine it is also in part, the wild creatures which have helped you win the award, again I say well done.

    Best Wishes and Happy Christmas.

    Tony Powell and naturestimeline

    1. Thanks Tony – Dr C has to take a lot of the credit, since he provides the brawn (I’m the brains) in our wildlife garden projects. I suspect our hedgehogs have been lobbying for us to win!

      Hope you have a lovely Christmas!

      1. This Dr. C needs to position himself in the limelight, more often as well then. Keep your eyes out for a naturestimeline post concerning Bloggers (well you’re a bit more than that for sure) to watch out for 2016, as I have nominated you for that particular accolade. I don’t need anything in return so panic not!

        Happy Christmas and do Keep Blogging.

        Tony Powell and naturestimeline

      2. Hi Tony,

        Thanks – that’s very kind of you! So glad you enjoy my blog!

        I’ve mentioned your suggestion re. the limelight to Dr C, but he prefers to keep himself as a man of mystery.

        Happy new year!

  2. Congratulations! Very well done to you both, looking forward to hearing more about the garden and its visitors soon 🙂

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