Grey seal

Seeing Seals

In September I was lucky enough to go snorkelling with seals again, with St Martin’s Dive School on the Isles of Scilly. So often, when you see seals, they’re just a big, clumsy lump on a rock, or a nose and a pair of eyes poking out of the water. Neither of these views really does a seal justice. To get an idea of their grace and beauty you need to see them in their element, below the waves.

Grey seal
Grey seal

A couple of years ago I posted some pictures of snorkelling with seals, taken on a disposable waterproof camera. This time I was able to take my GoPro along, so the pictures are better quality, but sadly the seals weren’t as inquisitive this time, preferring to observe from a distance, rather than play with us. The water was rather murky as well, meaning seals floated slowly by, like pale ghosts, then disappeared into the green gloom. Still, it was a magical experience – it’s a privilege to see seals in their territory, and on their terms.


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