Fascinating wildlife fact #12: dormice spend three quarters of their life asleep

Not only do dormice hibernate for around half the year, they also spend a large part of early summer in a state called ‘torpor’. Torpor is somewhere between sleep and hibernation, and helps them save energy on cooler days. They also sleep through most of the day, even at the height of summer.

torpid dormouse
Torpid dormouse


NB. for pedants - hibernation is different from sleep, as is torpor. But it's not such as punchy fact if I try to explain that in the headline.

2 thoughts on “Fascinating wildlife fact #12: dormice spend three quarters of their life asleep”

  1. Love these little things! Loved doing field research on them in order to help the population in the area! Really like the wild fact snippets! 🙂

    1. Thanks – glad you like the fact. Who can resist a dormouse? They must be one of the most adorable animals around. I’m looking forward to having my own monitoring site this year.

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