Posts that have made me think this week

One of the joys of blogging is reading what others are writing about subjects close to my heart. Here’s my pick of posts that have made me think this week:

  • Rehabilitating Rabbit: Roger Gosden‘s post tells the story of how he tried to save a rabbit, and explores the ambiguous relationship we have with animals: how we try to save an individual, but have less compassion for populations of them. A very interesting and thought-provoking read.
  • Act for NatureGeorgia’s Wildlife Watch post talks about a campaign by various wildlife groups to politicians to commit to a Nature and Wellbeing Act in their manifestos. She explores the importance of nature and the need to protect it, and outlines what the Act should include, and how we can support it.
  • Misty morning: a beautiful, atmospheric photo from Nature Has No Boss
  • The Return of Dickensian Britain: 90,000 children to face Christmas without a home: this Pride’s Purge post highlights the discrepancy between the harsh reality for many in Britain, and the rightwing press coverage.
  • Happy National Black Cat Day: As an owner of a lovely black cat, this post from What the Cat Dragged In struck a chord. The Cats Protection League finds it hardest to rehome black cats, so set up this ‘day’ to promote them.

This is my first experiment with this sort of post – would you like to see more of them?

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