Fascinating wildlife fact #9: Collared doves fly a long way from the nest

Collared doves are regular visitors to my garden. I’ve always thought of them as local birds, so I was surprised to discover that the ones visiting my garden may have come from mainland Europe. Collared doves have been known to disperse up to 600 miles from where they they hatch, and they’re gradually spreading north west. ‘My’ doves may well be cooing in French or German.


2 thoughts on “Fascinating wildlife fact #9: Collared doves fly a long way from the nest”

  1. That is fascinating. I didn’t know that they dispersed that far and it helps to explain the way that they are expanding their range but why did they only start doing this c1900? Something must have changed for them. Something in our behaviour perhaps. I am thinking that perhaps the Balkans represented some kind of physical barrier that limited their range and then something changed there allowing them to move west. Maybe farming methods changed and created a food supply that wasn’t available before.

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