Fallen tree in river

March Riversearch

I donned my protective gear... (wellies, coat, high vis jacket, waterproof trousers and intrepid stick
I donned my protective gear…

What a contrast! Today there’s glorious sunshine and even some warmth in the sun. Last Sunday was grey, miserable and wet, but I managed to steel myself to leave the warmth of the fire to do my monthly Riversearch walkover. While spring is definitely arriving in my garden, the stretch of the River Mole I checked looked a bit bleaker.

The water level had receded a lot since my previous check, which is good. You can now tell which bit’s river and which field, more or less.

The ground was still quite squishy, but I managed to only end up on my backside once, which is quite an achievement. My intrepid stick certainly helped with that. One of the first things I spotted was some nice clear deer prints (fallow deer I think). While they’re not really relevant to Riversearch, I always get a bit excited trying out my animal detective skills.

Deer print
Fallow(?) deer print

The main new points of interest were some large woody debris in the river (not surprising after the storms), which were affecting the flow of the river.

Fallen tree in river
Fallen tree in river

The stepping stones were still submerged, but in the woods there were signs of new plant life emerging.

Submerged stepping stones
The stepping stones are down there somewhere!

Arriving back at the car, I had the satisfying experience of watching it start chucking down with rain, just after I got into the dry. And the fire was waiting for me back at home. Now I just need to submit my report…


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